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Added Polyam Collaborative Community of NE

Added Polyam Collaborative Community of NE and rearranged some of the Boston-area links. Also added some formatting to the “other groups” section to make things easier to scan.

Also, since the LiveJournal community created by Cos hasn’t seen any traffic since 2015, and current LiveJournal terms of service are problematic, I’ve removed that link.


Fixed name and links for New England Polyamory; added link near top

Boston Metro Area Polyamory have changed their name to New England Polyamory; their Meetup link has also been updated and they’ve changed the way people can get added to their Facebook group.

Also added a link to the “other groups in the area” section higher on the page, since otherwise it’s “below the fold” and easy to miss.


Events page(s) updated; new local group listed

Hi! I've updated the events page and added new pages for the Diesel Tuesdays and the fourth-Monday dinners. The Diesel Tuesdays page in particular has a bunch of information about what those gatherings have been like lately.

Also, some time ago I added links to the relatively new Boston Metro Area Poly group (which has a presence on Facebook and Meetup) — but you have to scroll down on the front page to see it so I thought I’d mention it here as well. :-)


Web site update

As you can see, the Poly Boston web site has undergone a major update. ...


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