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Hi and welcome! This is the home page of the Poly Boston community and the announce@polyboston.org mailing list.

Polyamory is having or being able to have consensual, honest, respectful relationships with more than one person at a time, or being able to romantically love more than one person at once. Some poly people feel that for them, love is not a finite resource that must be saved for one person lest it be exhausted, but a renewable resource — the more love we give, the more we have to give.

Poly Boston is a group for polyamorous (poly), poly-curious, or poly-friendly people in the greater Boston area. The group organizes events via the announce@polyboston.org mailing list. Events include discussion groups, support groups, potlucks, parties, and other social events.

While these events provide an opportunity to meet a diverse collection of interesting, friendly people, this is not a dating service or a cruising area. If you come looking for that, you won’t have any fun, and we won’t either. But if you come looking for interesting discussion, new ideas, and a sense of community, you will probably find it, and if you treat the people you meet with respect and integrity, we will probably enjoy your company.

Information and links

Information about Poly Boston events

Other groups in the Boston area

  • New: Polyam Collaborative Community of NE has a Facebook presence and a Meetup presence, and has a bunch of regular events.
  • New England Polyamory (formerly Boston Metro Area Poly) has a Facebook group. (For complex reasons to do with security and Facebook's confusing and limited privacy settings, you can’t see the group itself until somebody invites you, but you can message this page to ask the moderators to add you to the group.)
  • Family Tree is a poly organization in the general Boston area that’s been around a lot longer than Poly Boston. (There’s considerable overlap — some people come to both Family Tree events and Poly Boston events.) They are less geographically concentrated than we are. Their web site is at http://ftree.contra.org/, and they also have a paper newsletter.
  • A sizable fraction of the people in Poly Boston are bisexual. If you are too, you may be interested in Biversity Boston and/or the Bisexual Resource Center.
  • Metrowest Boston Polyamory, based in Framingham and environs, have a Meetup group. (new)
  • A bit further west there’s a Western Mass poly group which has Yahoo! groups for events and for discussion.
  • And south of us there’s a Polyamory Connecticut group.

Information about polyamory in general

  • http://www.polyamory.org/ is the home page of the alt.polyamory newsgroup, and probably the best single web site about polyamory.
  • The alt.polyamory FAQ is a good general introduction to polyamory.
  • The Culture Supplement to the FAQ lists poly-related books (fiction and non-fiction), movies, songs, and comic books. The non-fiction book section is a good place to look for more information (much of it contradictory! :-) about what polyamory is.


  • Opening Up is Tristan Taormino’s blog associated with her book of the same name.

Discussion-group results and handouts