Contact Poly Boston

Here’s how to get in touch with us if you’re having trouble or have questions:

About the mailing list

The Poly Boston web site is really an adjunct to the announce mailing list. The mailing list is how events get announced, and being on the mailing list is essentially how you participate in Poly Boston. So most questions are going to be questions about the mailing list. For questions like “I tried to subscribe and I never heard back,” “I need to change my email address,” “Would it be appropriate to announce thus-and-such event on the list?” and so on, you can contact

which will reach the (currently three) list administrators. If that address doesn’t work (as it might not if the list software is broken, for instance), you can try sending mail to or, either of which will also reach Jay (a list administrator and sysadmin of the machine the list is on).

About the web site

The best way to contact us about the web site is to send mail to (which will reach Jay). If you don’t get a response, you can also try

About particular events

In general, you should contact the host of any particular event (or the person who announced it to the list) for more information about an event. (This means, of course, that you have to be on the mailing list and have gotten the announcement.) If you don’t have the announcement email (e.g. because you’ve just joined the list and the announcement went out a few days ago), or if you can’t figure out the sender’s contact info, you can contact Jay at and he can help you.

About press inquiries

We don’t currently have a press contact list, but members of the press can contact and let us know what the focus of your article is (e.g., poly parents, mixed mono/poly relationships, triads where two partners are legally married, poly history, etc.) and we can try to put you in touch with appropriate members of Poly Boston who have expressed interest in speaking with the press.

And here’s how to contact other members of Poly Boston...

And of course, the way to get in touch with other members of Poly Boston is to subscribe to the announce mailing list and come to some of our events!

The announce list is just for announcements (generally event announcements), but once you’re on the announce list, you can then subscribe to our chat list, which is open for general discussion — often, but not always, about polyamory. (You can post to chat, to say you’re coming to this week’s café gathering and will be wearing a red sweater and people should say hi to you because you’re new, for instance, or to continue the conversation about the former Ottoman Empire in the aftermath of World War I that you were having at last night’s dinner at Bertucci’s. Or, of course, you can ask how other Poly Bostonites have handled coming out as poly to their parents.)