Poly Boston calendar of events

These are events that have been announced to the Poly Boston announce mailing list. You may also want to check outthe Family Tree calendar of events; for information about any of those events contact Family Tree at ftree@contra.org. The best way to hear about Poly Boston events in a timely fashion is to subscribe to the mailing list. In general, venue and contact information will not be on this calendar; you need to be on the mailing list to find out where events are, and the calendar is just a convenient reminder. (We may also put non-Poly Boston events like national conferences on the calendar.)

In general, you should contact the person hosting the event by email for directions or more information. If you have trouble getting in touch with a host, you can send me mail (again, at <js+poly@aq.org>) and I’ll try to put the host in touch with you.

You may also want to check out Family Tree’s calendar of events. A number of them, but not all, are also listed below.

Older web browsers might not show you the calendar below. If you don’t see it, you can view it as a separate page here.

WARNING: Sanity-check times that show up here. Some people have reported times being displayed incorrectly (several hours off the actual event time). I think I’ve fixed that problem, but if you see the discussion group listed as starting at 11:30pm or something, that's incorrect.