Monthly dinners at Bertucci’s

We have regular fourth-Monday dinners at the Alewife Bertucci’s. These are a good venue for getting to meet people and chatting, and they’re very easy to get to both by public transit and by car.

These are informal socials; polyamory may or may not be a hot topic of discussion (though you can make it so if you want).

Lately (as of early 2014), there have tended to be about 10-12 people. Unless there’s a birthday party or something, we’re usually the largest group in the restaurant and pretty easy to find. (Until we have a quorum to get seated, we tend to congregate at the high-tops between the entrance and the bar.)

However, you need to RSVP in advance before coming; they need to rearrange the tables to accommodate us so we need to tell them how many people to expect. We can also give you a phone number and/or more information about how to recognize us when you RSVP. The address to RSVP to is posted to the announce list before each dinner.

(In addition to these, we sometimes have dinners at other restaurants whenever somebody feels inspired to host one.)